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About Khadejah Davis

Khadejah Davis, is a success coach, registered nurse, motivational speaker, author, and multi business entrepreneur. She has always had a success mindset, and now she prides herself on helping others change their mindset, overcome fears, and pursue greatness. As a bonafide entrepreneur, she not only travels full-time as an acute care nurse manager. Because of her deep understanding of the modern economy and what it takes to thrive in it, she travels the world inspiring audiences, sharing her story, and coaching women and men to ultimate success through her 90-Day Restaurant Franchise Coaching Program.

An elite 90 days coaching experience that focuses on mastering the playbook for being successful in the franchise world of  business. With playbook mastery sessions, strategic play calls, and expert coaching, you’ll learn to execute winning strategies, overcome challenges, and achieve peak performance in all areas of your life. 

Most Requested Speaking Topics:

  • Stepping into Entrepreneurship: Fundamental Traits to Kickstart Your Business
  • Unlocking Success: The Winning Edge of Gratitude
  • Building Stronger Connections: The Power of Networking in Business
  • Unlocking Your Potential: Tips to Beat Procrastination
  • Mastering Time: Effective Strategies for Time Management and Task Prioritization
  • Obstacles to Success: Wanting Change Without True Transformation
  • The Franchise Formula: Exploring Opportunities for Business Expansion and Growth

Khadejah Davis’ Key Accomplishments

  • Success Coach: Empowering individuals to transform their mindset, overcome fears, and pursue greatness.
  • Motivational Speaker: Inspiring audiences worldwide with her compelling story and empowering messages.
  • Multi-Business Entrepreneur: Successfully manages diverse ventures including a full-service restaurant franchise, skincare line, an adult toy company, and real estate investments.
  • Over 20 years as a dedicated registered nurse specializing in acute care management.
  • Travels internationally to share expertise on entrepreneurship, mindset mastery, healthcare. 
  • Philanthropist: Believes in giving back to the community and making a positive impact on society.

Over the last decade she has dedicated herself to helping others explore and understand the importance of a positive mindset , which led her to release her latest book, “The Multipreneur’s Playbook: A Comprehensive Game Plan For Success,” This book will teach you the plays Khadejah Davis, the esteemed author of “The Multipreneur Playbook: A Comprehensive Game Plan For Success,” is excited to share transformative insights and strategies through her book. With years of experience, research, and firsthand knowledge in managing multiple business ventures, Khadejah offers readers a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed as a multipreneur.

The Multipreneur's Playbook:
A Comprehensive Game Plan For Success

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